Pre Alpin Testudo Herbs 500 g

Pre Alpin Testudo Herbs 500 g

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55,00 DKK Inkl. moms

Pre Alpin foder til Landskildpadder

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HUSK………..opblødning af foder i vand før severing.

Tortoises are herbivores which depend on high quality food. The observation of wild tortoises as well as the examination of their anatomy and their digestive tract reveals what a diet is appropriate for these animals. The well-developed appendix enables tortoises to extract a sufficient amount of nutrients from grasses and herbs which are rich in crude fibre and, at the same time, have an extremely low protein content. Extensively used meadows which are usually strongly fertilised are to rich for tortoises and may cause a multitude of disaeses. The food available for tortoises in their natural habitat resembles the plant variety of meagre Upper Bavarian meadows with a high degree of diversity.
Provided that their diet is natural and rich in herbs and that they are well kept tortoises may become very old.

PRE ALPIN Testudo Herbs and PRE ALPIN Testudo Fibre provide an appropriate food for these animals which is adjusted to their digestive apparatus.

PRE ALPIN Testudo Herbs and Fibre are therefore a valuable main component of the daily rations. The combination of fresh plants from meagre meadows on which over 60 different grass and herb species grow offers a rich and balanced diet for the animals.

PRE ALPIN Testudo Herbs and Fibre for all tortoises…

  • offer a diet replicating the natural habitat of tortoises
  • ensure an optimum crude fibre supply and thus a healthy intestinal flora
  • do not contain any cereals or animal products
  • offer an ideal calcium/phosphorus ratio
  • can be freely offered at any time
  • are free of flavouring, conservation and binding substances or pressing aids
  • are highly recommended by the Institute for Zoology in Munich

Cobs soak with water, maybe freely offered at any time. Please change feed every day.

selected grasses and herbs pressed into Cobs

(These indications are average values – minor variances are possible in nature products)

Raw protein    7,60 %

Oils and Fat      2,70 %

Raw fibre          29,80 %

Raw ash            6,60 %

Water                8,50 %

Calcium             0,53 %

Phosphorus     0,25 %


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