Hexaset 60 Ltr.sort

Hexaset 60 Ltr.sort

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Hexaset 60 Ltr.sort

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Thanks to their unique shape, HEXA aquariums will beautify any room, be it a stylish living room, a hallway, a study or an office, or even a children’s room.

Water tank

HEXA SET 60 includes a 60-liter hexagonal tank with the dimensions 41x41x60 cm. The bottom of the tank is reinforced with a frame.

HEXA SET water tanks are made of durable glass panels of proper thickness that are bonded with special black silicone. This not only makes the tank durable and watertight but also reduces the discernibility of dirt and sediment.



Pumpe : Circulator 350

Varme : Comfort Zone 50 W

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