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Buffalo Orme 1 liter (425g)

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Buffalo worms are the larvae of Alphitobius Diaperinus and are very nutritious due to their high protein percentage and low fat percentage. Besides, these worms are rather tasty (nut flavour), and especially small birds are mad about them. Buffalo worms are also less hard than e.g. mealworms and are therefore better digestible.
Our farms breed buffalo worms on a mixture of grains and vegetables without any added growth promoters or chemicals.
Due to the boiling and shock freezing process on our equipment, the buffaloworms are disposed of all bacteria and become virtually sterile. The remaining fraction of bacteria and fungus is well below the standards which apply to human and animal food. This is frequently verified through analysis. The double process makes the worms also better digestible for animals.
The four phases of this insect are: beetle – egg – larva – pupa
The buffalo beetle (Alphitobius Diaperinus) is a beetle from the family Tenebrionidae. The larva is far more known than the beetle and is called the buffalo worm. The buffalo beetle resembles to the Tenebrio molitor as for its shape and behaviour, but is nevertheless smaller. He is on top shiny black, below reddish brown, and the antennas and legs are brownish. The thorax surface is covered with rough dots.
In nature, the beetle and the worm are more likely to be found in the southern Europe and in warmer areas all over the world. Their food varies quite a bit: from animal corpses and rotting trunks to grains. They mainly feed themselves with micro-organisms which can be found on these places. Micro-organisms such as fungus have a high protein percentage (just think of mushrooms).
Commercial poultry farms often consider the buffalo beetle as a plague because of their reputation to affect the stables’ insulation.

Buffalo Orme 1 liter (425g)
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